Prayers and Messages
Religious and Spiritual Quotations and Messages

Heart touching prayers and messages to God. Praying helps you through tough times; we all need something to believe in.

When we go through something traumatic or scary we need prayer. Or if we don’t know how to get out of a situation- prayer is always great because it shows that you believe the situation can change.

We all have seen tough times get to times we feel we cannot handle, but when we have prayer we have hope that things will get better.

Praying can be tough if you haven’t done it in a while- but it’s well worth it. But sometimes being selfish doesn't cut it. Sometimes just pray to say thank you; don’t just pray to get yourself out of trouble.

Everyday people underestimate the power of praying and giving thanks. It’s amazing to have something to believe in so deeply.

Don’t be afraid to tell people what you believe. You may be different but at the end of the day we all struggle and we all need motivation and inspiration to go on.

"Fight for what you believe in; Believe in what you're fighting for."-Q4I

Heartfelt Prayers and Inspirational Messages

Find mutlitple selections of prayers here. Prayers come from the heart. Don't be afraid to pray in any situation.

The best time to pray is when you don't need anything. This is because you already appreciate what you have. 

Remember to keep inspirational messages wherever you go. They need to be on your mind at all time. You need motivation daily. 

You may pray differently from others- that's okay. Just stay true to what you believe. Others may not understand it- but that's okay. Just as long as it makes you feel better.

Thank you for visiting this page. Remember to get in touch with you spirituality and respect all religions.

P.S. Prayer is power

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