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Get Through The Day

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We've all been there. At times we need motivation and inspiration to even get out of bed in the morning. The poem “Get through the Day” is the perfect example of what we all struggle with.

We work hard, and many times it seems the end of the day will never come.But it will. Stick in there; you can get through it. You WILL get through it.

You Inspire Me

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You inspire me is an inspiration to many because it explains the reasons why you believe in others. Who inspires you most? Family, friends, a lover? Those who inspire you are the ones who you should keep close. Let them know how much they mean to you!

What I Live For

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Stop and ask yourself what you are living for. This can be a difficult question. This poem will open your eyes to some of the same things you may be feeling about life.

I hope some of these things mentioned are what you are working towards; because a more positive life is a more productive life.

Let Love Take Me

An inspirational love story about opening up to love.

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You Inspire Me

Get through the Day

What I Live For

Be Optimistic (by Visitor)

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Have A Good Attitude 
Have a good attitude about things, Just smile each and every day, Then when you do you will see, That things will go your way. A good attitude is …

We all need to have hope, That things will go our way, But the one thing we must do, Is pray each and every day. If something in your life is wrong, …

Be Optimistic 
Be optimistic in your life, Believe that things will go your way, And if you need a little help, Take some time and pray. You need to have positive …

Time Heals All Wounds and We Hang On By A Thread Not rated yet
Time heals all wounds, It gets better each day, And what also helps you alot, Is to take some time and pray. You will see a big difference, The …

We're One of God's Children Not rated yet
We're all one of God's children, And he takes care of us in many ways, And he'll continue to do that, In the remaining days. Sometimes we might not …

An Angel Looks Over Us Not rated yet
There is an angel who looks over us, Each and every day, So if you need a little help, It might just come today. When you look up, To the heavens …

Touch Someone's Life Not rated yet
You can touch someone's life, Just by what you say or do, It's nice to be able to do that, And I'm going to do it too. It might be by an act of kindness, …

Be Independent Not rated yet
It's good to be independent, To be able to do things on your own, To be able to show everyone else, Just how much you have grown. Independence helps …

The Journey Ahead Not rated yet
I'm on a journey, because I want to change Change for the better, never be the same Take all my doubts and turn them into beliefs Rake up my mistakes …

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